Starke Ayres’ brand positioning – ‘Seeds of Success’ – demonstrates the quality behind the brand from breeding to sowing to the consumer’s table.

The Starke Ayres’ seed is available in a wide range of vegetable, herb and flower seed for the subsistence farmer and enthusiastic gardener. The most popular varieties are also available in larger Econopacks. New varieties are added to the range seasonally to ensure that the most up-to-date varieties are available to the public.

For the garden enthusiast, a range of lawn seed is available to suit the various areas of your garden – from the sunniest to shadiest spots.

The modernised retail packaging will assist you with user-friendly, easy to understand pictograms on the packet with helpful aids such as ideal times to sow and watering requirements.

Starke Ayres’ packets are made of locally produced high-quality paper, laminated with a technologically advanced foil to ensure the seeds are kept fresh in hermetically sealed packets. This ensures that no moisture or air enters the packet, which enhances seed longevity and viability.

For your convenience, the Starke Ayres range is available at nurseries and retailers nationwide. For a stockist near you, contact Marie Cloete –

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