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Starke Ayres vegetable seed, lawn seed and flower seed varieties

The source for premium seed varieties

Starke Ayres specialises in supplying vegetable seed, lawn and turf grass seed and flower seed varieties for both commercial and home garden use. It produces seeds of the highest purity and germination capability, which is ensured by rigorous quality control and its own breeding programmes, supported by ongoing research and testing.

Looking for commercial farming vegetable seed varieties?

Starke Ayres supplies a wide range of the highest quality vegetable seed varieties. The company works with growers to help ensure optimal yields.

See all the seeds Starke Ayres offers and how it supports growers

Home gardening seed varieties

Starke Ayres supplies vegetable, lawn and herb seed varieties for home gardeners.

Everything the home gardener needs is here

Turf and lawn seed varieties

Starke Ayres’ premium turf and lawn seeds have been carefully developed to produce high quality sports fields, recreational areas, race tracks and golf courses.

More information on turf and lawn seed varieties


Kombat has established itself as an agrochemical supplier of choice by producing, formulating and marketing effective pest control solutions for both the local and international agricultural and household markets.

Vegetable seed varieties supplied outside South Africa

Starke Ayres vegetable seeds are available in 55 countries around the world. Its highly-qualified and experienced international product managers ensure that growers’ needs are met.
Find out about Starke Ayres international services here

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