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Vegetable seed varieties for commercial vegetable farming

Starke Ayres is the leading African and international supplier of high-quality varieties of commercial vegetable seeds for professional growers all over the world. It develops, produces and markets these seeds itself. The company uses a network of in-house sales representatives and external agents all over the world. This distribution network is a key to its international success.

High quality control is an important component of its operation. The company has high-end research facilities, with best practice biotechnology and pathology services and infrastructure. It specialises in breeding its own varieties and sources the best available stock from its suppliers internationally.

The company focuses on broadening its genetic base and product range to provide the new genetics that the market requires.

It also operates in a number of locations around the world, selecting the best possible locations (in terms of climate and growing conditions) to ensure the highest levels of quality and seed production.

Seeds of Success

After-sales service is a key differentiator, assisting farmers to grow products that can successfully be taken to market. Starke Ayres works in partnership with the commercial farmers it supplies. A team of professional representatives, and highly qualified and experienced product managers is always there to give backup support and personalised, specialised advice.

In keeping with our slogan, ‘Seeds of Success’, Starke Ayres provides:

  • A knowledgeable and professional sales team to advise farmers on the best vegetable seed selections for their growing conditions and marketplace objectives.
  • Ongoing advice and backup support from product managers who are experts in their crop ranges.
  • A constant advantage through the breeding programmes at state-of-the art research facilities, with comprehensive trials to ensure that new vegetable seed varieties deliver success.
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