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Soluble Fertilisers

Hydrangea Food

Hydrangea Food

Fertiliser Group 1
Registration No. K7977 – ACT 36 of 1947
HYDRANGEA FOOD is a concentrated and balanced fertiliser, which, when used regularly will promote healthy root, plant and flower development in Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Camelias and Gardenias.


Nitrogen [N] - 15.0%
Phosphorous [P] - 4.3%
Potassium [K] - 27.4%


HYDRANGEA FOOD contains all the major nutrients required by the plant during the growing season and is particularly effective in sandy soils. It:
• Is easy to apply, as a foliar feed or directly to the roots as a soil drench;
• is water-soluble and is readily absorbed by the plant; and
• can be applied simultaneously with most insecticidal sprays.


Use the enclosed measuring spoon for accurate and economical mixing.

Foliar Spray:
• Dissolve 20g (2 measuring spoons) in 5 litres of water.
• Spray over foliage until leaves are wet.
• Repeat every two to three weeks.

Soil Drench
• Dissolve 20g (2 measuring spoons) in 5 litres of water.
• Apply directly to the soil.
• Repeat every two to three weeks.

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