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Vegetable seed, flower seed and herb seed varieties

Starke Ayres’ seed varieties have been developed to give premium quality.

High levels of quality control are applied. The company has high-end research facilities, with best practice biotechnology and pathology services and infrastructure. It specialises in breeding its own varieties and sources the best available stock from its suppliers internationally.

The company also focuses on broadening its genetic base and product range to provide the new genetics that the market requires.

It operates in a number of locations around the world, selecting the best possible locations (in terms of climate and growing conditions) to ensure the highest levels of quality and seed production.

Starke Ayres offers a wide range of vegetable seed varieties, flower seed varieties and herb seed varieties for the home gardener or subsistence farmer.

Making sure that seeds are fresh

Starke Ayres’ modern packaging is created from locally produced high-quality paper, laminated with a technologically advanced foil to ensure the seeds are kept fresh in hermetically sealed packets. This ensures that no moisture or air enters the packet, which enhances seed longevity and viability.

Helping home growers get the best results

The packaging has easy-to-understand pictograms to help home growers plant the seeds correctly. There is also helpful information on the ideal times to sow and the watering requirements of each seed variety.

Saving money on the latest seeds

Starke Ayres’ most popular seed varieties are also available in larger Econopackets. New varieties are added to the range seasonally to ensure that home growers always get the most up-to-date varieties.

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You can buy Starke Ayres vegetable seed, flower seed and herb seed varieties from leading retailers and nurseries.
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