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International vegetable seed services

Starke Ayres serves professional growers all over the world, distributing its vegetable seed varieties in 55 countries across the globe. While based in South Africa, the international market is also an important focus area.

Quality control is paramount. The company has high-end research facilities, with best practice biotechnology and pathology services and infrastructure. It specialises in breeding its own varieties and sources the best available stock from its suppliers internationally.

It focuses on broadening its genetic base and product range to provide the new genetics that the market requires.

It operates in a number of locations around the world, selecting the best possible locations (in terms of climate and growing conditions) to ensure the highest levels of quality and seed production.

Starke Ayres ensures that the product reaches the grower in the best possible condition for crop success.

Its extensive network of agents and representatives serves international markets, with professional backup support provided by highly-qualified and experienced product managers. This distribution network is a key to its international success.

After sales service is a key differentiator, assisting farmers to successfully grow products that can be taken to market.

Which vegetable seed varieties are available internationally?

Consult a Starke Ayres area specialist for the range of products available in each country

Rob Moolenschot: Managing Director Zambia
Charles Krone: General Manager Namibia
Josphat Njoroge: Managing Director Kenya
Musa Sando Owako: Key Accounts Manager Kenya
John Silwimba: Product and Market Developer Zambia
Dipesh Devraj: Area Sales and Product Development Manager Kenya
Sij Samupindi: Sales Representative Botswana
Mario Herrero: Regional Manager South America
Antonio Oliveira Jnr: Product and Market Developer South America
Nereshnee Ramdayal: Business Development Manager Africa
Nico van Rensburg: International Director
Heinrich Kleyn: Area Sales and Product Development Manager SADC

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