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All the latest news on Starke Ayres’ vegetable seed varieties, and the success that commercial vegetable seed farmers have achieved using them.

This page will also be updated with new seed variety releases and other commercial seed industry news.


Starke Ayres have launched two new seed packet mixes this Spring. Plant “Bee Favourites” to lure bees into your garden, and try the “Water Saving” variety which don’t require much water! And then, for the health conscious among us, buy the Starke Ayres new Salad Mix Econo packet, containing a variety of different salad ingredient seeds. Salad Econo Mix A salad combo Econo mix consisting of Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Radish and Sweet Pepper seeds. The perfect sized seed packet for the home gardener bringing your salad straight from your garden to your table. Water Saving Mix A colourful mix of Alyssum Poppy, Cornflower and Cosmos flower seeds which do not require much water. Bee Favourites A colourful mix of Alyssum, Aster Powder Puffs, Sunflower and Forget Me Nots flower seeds which will attract bees to your garden.

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