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All the latest news on Starke Ayres’ vegetable seed varieties, and the success that commercial vegetable seed farmers have achieved using them.

This page will also be updated with new seed variety releases and other commercial seed industry news.

DIAMOND sparkles in KZN

DIAMOND is fast becoming the country’s preferred pre-pack broccoli. Leading producers in all regions are incorporating DIAMOND into their growing programmes as they acknowledge the multiple benefits of the variety.


One such grower is John Salgado who is based in the Tala Valley of kwa-Zulu Natal province.  After a season of trialling the variety, John now grows DIAMOND commercially.  The main benefits of planting DIAMOND for John include quickness to maturity, uniformity and a very smooth dome shaped head which makes the product look extremely attractive to potential customers.  John was particularly impressed with the fact that DIAMOND could be harvested at least a week earlier than a major opposition variety. There is simply no better pre-pack broccoli currently available in South Africa than DIAMOND.  Make the switch, see the benefits and reap the reward!


DIAMOND is a broccoli adapted for year round production (area and climate dependant).  Maturity is between 60-70 days in summer and 75-95 days in winter (area and climate dependant).  The variety has a medium green colour and a very smooth dome shaped head that can be cut very low at the base, making it an ideal pre-packer.


Image:  Heinrich Kleyn (left) with Mr. John Salgado proudly displaying the high quality DIAMOND being harvested


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