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All the latest news on Starke Ayres’ vegetable seed varieties, and the success that commercial vegetable seed farmers have achieved using them.

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Shine Bright Like a *DIAMOND

It has been said that the most valuable feature of any diamond is the feeling it stirs in the person who puts it on and shows it off. It is perhaps for this reason diamonds have been described as a girl's best friend.  Not anymore! 

The new hybrid broccoli DIAMOND is set to become a farmer's best friend.  Characteristics such as a smooth, dome shaped head, low cut stem, medium sized beads, no hollow stem and best of all extremely quick maturity take DIAMOND a cut above the rest.  DIAMOND delivered a flawless performance when it was trialled as BR 621at major growers in Gauteng, KZN, and the Cape during last summer.  Bred to endure extremes in summer and winter, DIAMOND can be grown as a year round variety in many areas.  In summer DIAMOND can mature in as little as 60 days. Maturity may vary by as much as 10-25 days between mid- summer and mid-winter plantings (area andclimate dependant). Maturity is very uniform with a high first cut percentage. 

Apart from DIAMOND being  a quick and  highly adaptable variety, its other outstanding feature is that it can be cut very low at the base, making it ideal for a pre pack.  In DIAMOND we have unearthed yet another gem for broccoli growers. For an outstanding, high yielding broccoli designed for the fresh and pre pack market make DIAMOND part of your broccoli programme this summer!

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