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Turf seed varieties

Professional lawn seed varieties

Starke Ayres supplies lawn seed varieties that specifically cater for different types of professional and commercial use.

This includes:

  • athletic fields
  • soccer, polo and rugby fields
  • tennis courts
  • racetracks
  • parks and recreation areas
  • golf course
  • stadiums

Some of our lawn seed varieties offer drought resistance for water-stressed areas, while others are designed for quick establishment, high traffic or different maintenance requirements.

Lawn seed varieties for golf courses

Starke Ayres specialises in lawn seed varieties for golf courses, and offers several options for tees, fairways and greens. Its lawn seeds produce improved quality grass for greens, which repairs ball marks and divots more quickly. It also offer lawn seed varieties for grass that has high salt tolerance, for coastal golf courses.

Turf seed varieties informational brochures

View or download detailed information on Starke Ayres lawn seed varieties:

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