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Starke Ayres expanding into Africa

04 February 2015

Dear Valued Customer,

Starke Ayres South Africa is both excited and proud to announce that we will be opening an office in Nairobi on March 1.

As you know Starke Ayres seed has been available to Kenyan growers through Pannar for many years.  However, we believe that customers such as yourself and the East African market as a whole are extremely important to us and have decided to set up our own office to better service our growing client base in the region.

Our new office, will be headed by Josphat Njoroge.  He is available to answer any questions that you may have and can be contacted on his mobile - +254 700 456 248, landline +254 (0)20 665 9960 or +254 (0) 20 665 9961 and by email -

Physical address:

Godown no. 8 L/R 15130

Mombasa Road



We look forward to introducing you to our seed experts. Starke Ayres has put in place a highly knowledgeable and experienced sales team that can advise you on the best vegetable seed selections for your individual growing conditions and marketplace objectives. In addition, our product advisors, who are experts in their particular crop ranges, are committed to providing you with on-going advice and support.

Starke Ayres specialises in supplying vegetable, turf grass and flower seed varieties. We strive to produce seeds of the highest purity and germination capability. This is ensured via both rigorous quality control and our own breeding programmes which are, in turn, supported by extensive research and testing. 

However, we believe that it is our after-sales service that sets us apart. This moves beyond conventional efficiencies to actively building relationships with our customers. That is because we feel it is crucial to work in partnership with you and assist you to better serve both regional markets and export markets in the United Kingdom and Europe which have particularly rigorous quality standards in place.

I would like to assure you that, through our team of professional representatives, we will always be on hand to provide you with the best quality seeds, backup, support and personalised, specialised advice.

For more information, please visit


Kind regards,

Bryan Featonby-Smith


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